5/13/21 6pm: Wobble Trap


In place of our normal trap shoots we will be shooting American Wobble Trap.  In wobble trap both the elevation and the windage of the bird changes with each throw.  Shooters can load two shells per bird and take a second shot at the same bird if they miss.  Shooters also change stations after each shot instead of shooting five birds per station at a time.  Be sure your firearms are clear and unloaded before moving to the next station.  Over/unders and semiautos are best suited but pumps and single shots will be allowed.


5/16/21: Work Party and Rimfire Rifle Shoot


A rimfire rifle shoot will be held on the pistol range following the work party.  All rimfire rifles are allowed.  However, gallery guns such as pump and lever actions are encouraged.


5/22 9am: Gun Show and Swap Meet


On Saturday May 22, 2021 from 9 A.M. – 2 P.M. we will be hosting a gun show and swap meet.  Members and non-members are invited to participate as both buyers and vendors.  Vendors will be required to stay the duration of the event.  Each vendor will owe a $50 deposit due by 9AM the day of the event.  So long as the vendor stays the duration of the event their deposit will be returned in full.  Entry for shoppers, both members and non-members, is free.  Setup time for vendors will begin at 7 A.M.  All vendors must RSVP with Nicholas Minichini by May 17.  Nick can be reached by email at nickminichini@gmail.com or by call or text at 732-266-4279.  Vendors will have to provide their own tables.  We will have a federally licensed dealer on site to conduct transfers for those who are selling handguns or would like to have background checks run for long gun buyers.  The transfer fee will be $35.  ALL RANGES WILL BE CLOSED! However, a vendor may allow test firing of a weapon for sale by the potential buyer.  This will be limited to five rounds.