​6/20: Work Party and Wobble Trap


Following the work party, we will be shooting American Wobble Trap.  In wobble trap both the elevation and the windage of the bird changes with each throw.  Shooters can load two shells per bird and take a second shot at the same bird if they miss.  However, you may still participate and only use one round per bird to conserve ammo.  Shooters also change stations after each shot instead of shooting five birds per station at a time.  Be sure your firearms are clear and unloaded before moving to the next station.  Over/unders and semiautos are best suited but pumps and single shots will be allowed.  The pistol, shotgun, and tactical range will be closed during this event.             

Coming in August - U.S. Law Shield seminar on the legal issues surrounding use of a firearm for self-defense.

An Independent Program Attorney will walk seminar attendees through topics such as the Castle Doctrine, the justified use of deadly force, where you can legally carry, what to expect when law enforcement arrives, and much more. Every event has dedicated question-and-answer segments to ensure all attendees are able to get the information they need from a source they can trust. This class will arm you with the knowledge to help keep you safe and on the right side of the law. This event will be held from Wednesday 8/4/21 from 6:30pm-8:30pm at Tri-town Sportsman's Association.


What topics will be explained at our events?


The legalities of the Castle Doctrine;


When the use of deadly force is legally justified;


Where you can legally carry; and


What to expect when law enforcement arrives.