It is extremely important that all members and guests understand and follow all of the  

Range Rules for everyone's safety.


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(Range Rules revised as of December 4, 2019)

Tri-Town Sportsman's Association
2221 Middlegreen Court

Lancaster PA 17601

Range Rules

These rules are sanctioned by the Tri-Town Executive Committee for the safety and courtesy of members, guests and our neighbors. Any violation of these rules could result in forfeiture of your membership, upon review of the Executive Committee.


All members have oversight authority and responsibility to police the ranks. If you observe a violation assume it is unintentional and address it promptly and with courtesy. Repeat violations should be reported to any member of the Executive Committee.


Emergencies - call 911 and report your location as:

1274 Beaver Dam Road, Honeybrook, PA 19344 / Honeybrook Township / Chester County


Shooting Hours: Monday – Saturday - (9:00am to sunset)

      Sunday   - (12:00pm to sunset)




1. Shooting is limited to designated ranges only.

2. Loaded firearms are only permitted on the firing line.

3. Rapid fire has been approved. No full-auto fire or use of devices that mimic full-auto fire. (Refer to #4 below for maximum rounds.)

4. Incendiary rounds are prohibited.  This includes tracers and flares. 

5. Maintain no more than 18 rounds per magazine for handguns and no more than 30 rounds per magazine for long guns. 

6. When conducting rapid-fire, on the rifle or pistol range, a shooter may only engage targets posted within a four-foot span on the same backer.  Under no circumstances may a shooter engage multiple targets at the same time that are spread any further.  Under no circumstance may a shooter engage multiple targets posted at different distances within rapid fire.  Be courteous of other shooters and club property when conducting this type of practice.  Violation of this rule is a major safety violation and could lead quickly to dismissal from Tri-Town Sportsman’s Association.  The Tactical Range IS exempt from this rule (see Tactical Range section). 

7. All rapid-fire shooting on the pistol range must be done at the 25-yard line target backers.  However, you are welcome to move up as close as you like to your target as long as all shooters maintain the same firing line.

8. Steel targets may only be fired at from the rifle or pistol sheds. 

9. Obtain permission from all shooters prior to heading down range. Shout “clear” and ensure that everyone is visually aware.

10. All actions open/locked to the rear and magazines removed whenever shooters are down range.

11. No handling of firearms on the firing line while shooters are down range.

12. Eye and ear protection are required while shooting. Ensure that everyone on the firing line and nearby has their hearing protection fixed prior to commencing firing.

13. Ensure that all shooters on the firing line are visually aware prior to commencing firing (shout “range is hot”).




1. Hang targets near the center of backers and away from the 4x4 posts and 2x4 stringers. Anyone observed consciously shooting at          posts or stringers risks forfeiture of their membership.

2. No shooting of targets on the ground, or on posts and stringers. Shooting of clay birds placed on earthen backstop is permitted (clay birds only, no bottles, jars, cans, etc.).

3. No hand-thrown clay birds; use stationary trap.

4. Scheduled events have preference over individual shooter’s use of designated event range.

5. Police your brass (especially from the grass) and 10 or so extra for good measure.  You may take your brass with you or dispose of unwanted brass in the buckets provided.  Brass that is in the buckets is club property and used to fund range maintenance.  Please take your misfires with you.

6. Remove targets from backers and take them with you, along with all your other refuse, (i.e., if you brought it in take it away when you leave).

7. Report any damage to the property, facilities or equipment to any member of the Executive Committee.

8. If possible, repair minor damage, such as broken target frames, before leaving the club grounds.

9. The use of center fire rifle ammunition is prohibited on the 25-yard range (exceptions: centerfire rifle ammunition being fired from a barrel length of less than 16 “, but only on the 25-yard line)

10. Shotgun patterning is permitted only on the patterning board to the left, adjacent to the 25-yard pistol range.


Tactical Range


1. Only one shooter at a time may use the Tactical Range.  Additional shooters must wait along the back side of the range where the table is located. 

2. No moving and shooting.  While moving between stations with a loaded firearm is allowed you must be stationary when you engage targets.  Be aware of your muzzle and keep your finger off the trigger when moving between stations. 

3. Watch your footing.  This is a wooded course and there can be trip hazards. 

4. All shooting is to be done from within 10’ of the marked shooting positions posted on the trees.  The marked trees may be used as a cover position, but this is not required. 

5. Only engage the numbered targets that correspond to the numbered shooting station. 

6. The target backers are for handgun and rifle ammunition only.  All shotgun shooting must be done using the tire targets. 

7. Do NOT move the targets or shooting stations.  Targets have been carefully placed to ensure safety and to avoid hitting the trees.   

8. Do NOT intentionally fire at the trees or anything other than the established targets. 

9. Firearms allowed: Use of a combination of firearms in one run of the course is allowed.

                a. All handguns

                b. All pistol caliber rifles commonly referred to as Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCCs)

                c. All rimfire firearms

                d. All shotguns

                e. Centerfire rifles of caliber no greater than 7.62X39 or .300 BLK



General Guidelines:


1. Our ranges are for the use of Tri-Town members and their guests only, except for sanctioned club shooting events which are generally open to the public.

2. Your membership card must be visibly displayed on your person at all times.

3. All members and their guests must sign-in and out at the club house or rifle range, unless participating in a scheduled event.

4. No more than 2 guests per member. For non-family guests, 2 at a time is the maximum.  There is no limit on how many times a guest may attend.

5. Members must accompany guests at all times and are responsible for their conduct and adherence to all range rules.

6. No vehicles are permitted on the range (grass) except approved handicap.

7. Leave the gate open while on the club grounds. The last member out must latch and lock the gate.


This is your club! Be safe and enjoy yourself!



A copy of the Rules and Bylaws can be accessed by pressing the buttons below. Thank you

(Bylaws revised as of March 18,2021)