Pistol Range Backstop Work

Our work parties are constantly maintaining and improving our facilities.

Trap Shooting Under the Lights

Trap shooting begins at 6PM every Thursday and is open to the public.

Clubhouse Renovations - 2015

New windows have just been added to our clubhouse. We welcome members to join our work parties. There is always plenty of work to do to keep our club in top shape.

















Rimfire Competition - 2015

Our rimfire shoot took place on Sunday, August 16 following our work party. Be sure to visit our "Events" page to see our upcoming events. Non-members are invited to attend these shoots.

Preparing for Our New Trap - 2016

Our trap house is being modified to accommodate our new trap. Our new Pat-Trap has been installed.

2018 - Pistol Range Modification

Another work party accomplishment that has moved the covered pistol range to a better and safer location.

2019 - Clubhouse Improvements

Our work parties have spent many hours improving our facilities. The clubhouse is one of those achievements.